Michael Hutchinson

Phd Student in Statistical Machine Learning at the University of Oxford

Statistics Department, University of Oxford

Hi I’m Michael! I’m interested in machine learning, particularly the Bayesian flavour.

Recently I have been working on Geometric and Equivariant Deep/Probabilistic Learning, and various COIVD-19 statistical modelling efforts.

Previously I’ve worked on Architecture Search of Bayesian Neural Networks, and Differential Privacy for Federated and Continual Bayesian Learning.

Broadly I’m interested in interface between statistical and deep learning, and trying to bring more principled statistical methods into deep learning.

I am currently a PhD student at the University of Oxford through the StatML course, supervised by Yee Whye Teh and Max Welling. Before that I completed a Masters of Engineering at the University of Cambridge, supervised by Dr Rich E. Turner.


  • Geometric Learning
  • Bayesian Machine Learning
  • Climbing, Hockey, Rowing
  • Reading Fiction and Philosophy


  • PhD in Statistical Machine Learning, 2019-2023

    University College, University of Oxford

  • MEng in Information and Computer Engineering, 2018-2019

    Christs College, University of Cambridge

  • BA in Engineering, 2015-2018

    Christs College, University of Cambridge

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